1978…when it all began

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1978…when it all began

First, let’s have a special dedication to our founders and immediate family…

In 1978, as Bill graduated from Central Catholic High School, he had to come to a decision as to what he wanted to do with his life. His parents had grand ideas of him joining the Air Force Academy, Bill already having been accepted in. This soon changed as Bill had other ideas….soon Family Pools & Patios, Inc. was established and on its way! Bill had prior pool service experience throughout high school; Charlie, his Dad (Mr. Personality Plus), was happy to head up sales; Judy, his Mom, was comfortable with the accounting; even his big sister, Kathy, offered to chip in. Charlie and Judy will be remembered always and today, Bill and Kathy continue the Family dynasty.

The Team at that time had no intentions of building pools. These boys were just going to do pool repairs. Then one day, one customer really wanted a pool and wanted it from us. So be it! Our first pool was built in Lowell before the end of our first year! We did fifteen pools that year. The rest is history. As of last year, that pool was still in great shape. We’ve put a couple liners in along the way and she’s good to go. To date, we’ve never lost a structure, over thirty-five years and going strong.

A Family pool is built to last for generations to enjoy.