The Team

The Team

Welcome to the Family!


What a team we have for you!

We employ about fifty full-time employees and a few part-timers. We could use another dozen for about six weeks each Spring and Fall but we’ve managed to maneuver them around to fill in all the gaps.

Even with the tricky, weather dependent nature of the pool business, we have a team that puts in the extra effort when it’s needed. At the height of our season, the hours are long and the conditions are dirty. They stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at them—putting on raincoats and working as long as they can on those raw miserable days or enduring the blazing sun and beating heat when the rest of us are comfortably tucked inside or cooling off in our pools. Most of all, we have a dedicated, loyal crew that is willing to wait out those long winters and return to us each Spring. Not every pool company can claim that.

Yes, we hire a few new people each year to keep up with business but, for the most part, our staff is stable and many have been with us for one, two or three decades. Family Pools has redefined seasonal.

Coming Soon!

Check back for our timeline of how it all began when our incredible team members joined the Family.